winter dreams.

Ever since I was a little girl my mom made me keep a “good work book” diary to record my greatest achievements for the year. From JK to grade 12 (admittedly) I’d meticulously glue my class picture for that grade onto a crisp blank page and answer a list of questions about how the year went. It would ask, Who was your teacher ? Who were your best friends? What were your biggest accomplishments this year? and lastly, What do you want to be when you grow up? to which without fail every year I’d pencil in “a writer.”

A career as a writer always seems to be a pipe dream for many …. including myself. I had so many hesitations about building a life for myself as a writer. I was told over and over that journalism is a dying field and English degrees are useless. Trust me, I had all the same doubts. I’d constantly question myself thinking, Is this truly a practical path to take with my life? Honestly, will I ever be a writer? Am I crazy for dreaming that life for myself after all these years?

Today I signed a contract for my very first writing job. After graduation I will be a full time paid writer journalizing fashion and entertainment trends. A dream job that combines my English degree, passion for writing and love for fashion and the media industry.

I look back and am so so grateful that I never gave up on my dreams to be a writer and did everything in my power to get there. Don’t let the fear of failure or having dreams too big stop you from chasing the places where you feel bliss. Take risks outside of your comfort zone and take the steps you need to take even if they absolutely terrify you. Start small- take internships, volunteer positions, part time jobs…. work hard and things will eventually fall together if you stay dedicated and passionate.

I look back on that last day of JK when I messily scribbled “writer” into my good work book and smile thinking back at how proud I would have been to know that I’d end up here.

xo Olivia


( Photos by: Chromatic Creations )

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  • The Stylish Trotter

    great pictures. Love the outfit!! the snow has melted in chicago so its refreshing to see this lovely winter style

  • such a cute winter look, love the chunky scarf and coat!

  • Amanda K

    Your hair is gorgeous! I love that coat!

    Amanda ||

  • Jasmine Anderson

    Love style shots in the snow and your hair is amazing!

  • Crystal Marie

    You look like a Winter princess. Great outfit.

  • This was a really nice read. Good on you for finding such a fun and fulfilling job right out of school! And love these shots – really pretty!

  • I am glad you followed your passion. So many people always make claims about how a field is dead or not worth going into, but really i think its what you make of it. If its something you love, it will show through what you do and make a way for you!

  • Mar

    Love your hair! I am in desperate need of an ombre refresher!

    • Thanks so much love! It’s actually mostly extensions haha, check out my blog post about Luxy hair for more info! <3 xo