vinyl & blues.

Hi loves! I hope you’re all having the most amazing week!

If you read my October edit you’ll know that I’m currently LOVING the vinyl trend that’s been circulating this fall! Although the texture isn’t the most practical, there’s something that’s just so elevated and fashion-foward about a structured vinyl piece.

If you’re intimidated by this high-shine trend, just think of it as a step up from leather and it doesn’t seem so bad! One of my favourite tips for styling vinyl, especially during the daytime, is to take away some of the harshness by pairing it with pastels, creams and knits. I chose to opt for this soft blue button-up and think the classic feel of the top really brings the look together and makes it more wearable.

With this in mind, my other tip for styling vinyl would be to be cautious of the pattern/textures you pair with it since vinyl make such a statement in itself. I personally would opt for a printed bag or shoe rather than a top or outerwear piece to make sure the look isn’t too overwhelming.

I also love the circle detailing on the belt of this skirt! Circle-shaped metal detailing is everywhere this season – whether on the clasp of a Chloe bag, on the side of a zipper or on a belt like it is here.

Be bold with your fashion choices this fall and try something vinyl! It can totally be wearable when styled correctly and if all else fails for attempting to wear it during the daytime, this mini would be PERFECT for your next night out!

Shop this look and a few of my other vinyl faves below:

xo Olivia

  • Shani Ogden

    What a fun statement piece!

  • Yza Relativo Pillone

    Love this look! Now, this I must have