travel diary: the city of angels.

The city of Los Angeles has a reputation for making dreams come true. Although the dreamer in me didn’t visit on account of a fresh start or hopes of making it big as I’m sure many before me have, I definitely got a taste while strolling the palm tree lined streets and luxurious gated homes. It’s the place where angels flock through the skies granting wishes for hopeful creatives on their pursuit of something more.

California was a place I’ve always wanted to go ever since I was a little girl. Growing up visiting a beach home in Florida created a piece of me that always wished to live year round with sand between my toes, sun bleached hair and ocean eyes. Since November in Canada is not the warmest to put it lightly, this trip definitely fulfilled my need for sunshine and salt water.

Follow along as we jet in our Jeep through the sun drenched skies of Beverly Hills, stroll the colourful Santa Monica pier and grow wings high above the skies of downtown LA:

OUE Skyspace

Our first stop was the OUE Skyspace which actually ended up being only a 5 minute walk from our Airbnb. This was definitely one of the coolest things we did on the trip and I’d recommend this for any first-timer visiting LA. I am a serious sucker for a good vantage point (as you probably already know if you read my New York travel post) so this definitely lived up to my expectations! Another HUGE plus about this location is that it features a clear glass slide that wraps around the side of the building at 70 feet in the air. It basically feels like you’re flying (like an angel??) into the Los Angeles core and is a pretty crazy experience since you’re surrounded by glass.

LACMA/Urban Light

Ever since seeing No Strings Attached this location shot up to the top of my bucket and I’m so happy we got to stop by during our visit to LA! We went during the day but I’m sure this location would be even more beautiful at night when the whole set of lamps is lit up. Urban Light is more of a photo opp than anything but LACMA definitely has some some cool exhibits and not to mention the building is one of the most intense architectural designs ever.

Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive

For the luxury seeker, Beverly Hills is a must see spot in Los Angeles! From the high-end shops, Sprinkles cupcake ATM’s and amazing homes, you’ll definitely get your sugar-coated fix after stopping by here. Rodeo Drive is definitely the perfect location for shopping (Tiffany’s!) and unique restaurants and cocktail bars. Sunset Blvd is also an obvious favourite with the iconic palm-tree lined streets… especially when driving with the top down ;). I’d also recommend stopping by the Beverly Hills hotel to grab a drink or a bite to eat. This bubble of pink will seriously fulfill every Instagram dream you’ve ever had.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is definitely iconic, but more of a see-once kind of location! I’d definitely recommend this for a first time visitor like myself but it’s one of those places you probably wouldn’t have to go more than once. We strolled the block pointing out our favourite stars and went on a serious mission in search of Audrey Hepburn (because obviously???) which is NOT located in the core where you think it would be… If you want to find her star it’s located at 1652 Vine St rather than on Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Hills

No photos could possibly do the Hollywood Hills justice! This is such a gorgeous area to explore with its winding streets, luxurious homes and stunning vantage views. Obviously we endeavoured on a hike up to the iconic Hollywood sign and after a struggle in finding the best view I have a few tips… Instead of putting “Hollywood sign” into your GPS, put Lake Hollywood Park. This location has the absolute perfect view of the sign and you can even hike up closer than we did here if you want a better view!

Santa Monica Pier

The entire California coast is absolutely breathtaking, which is why we spent a good portion of our Sunday just driving up Ocean Ave and taking in the views with the top down. After making our way up to Santa Monica we decided to take a stop at the iconic pier! This location is prime for grabbing an ice cream, popping into souvenir shops or riding the classic red and green Ferris wheel. There’s an endless list of things to do here, even if it’s just strolling through the crowds people watching and soaking up some sun.

Venice Beach

Since we only had a limited amount of time in LA, we had to decide between which of the beaches we wanted to visit most during our stay. We figured Venice Beach would be the most unique with it’s quirky reputation and lively vibes and even on a Sunday night it definitely lived up to our expectations! This place was surprisingly still super bustling despite the weekend winding down and was filled with dog walkers taking in the sunset, beach-goers sipping cocktails on patios and guitars echoing through the streets. After a quick trip to the beach, we took a drive and got some much needed In N Out burger which was so good I seriously still dream about it today hahaha.

… and that’s basically our trip! We jam packed as much as we possibly could into the short time we were there, but I seriously fell in love with all things Los Angeles. I always wanted to visit a place where the city meets the sea and Los Angeles was undoubtedly that place for me. I still find myself California dreaming weeks later and am counting down the days until I can jump on a plane and return to the city where summer never ends.

xo Olivia