the january edit.

Hi loves! Long time, no talk. Happy February! 🙂

As much as I’d love to sit here and write that my New Years resolutions are going super well, based on my January track record with blog posts, that is clearly not true…. whoops 🙂 Let me explain … I was in the midst of writing my hair care routine a few weeks ago (it’s still in the works!) but then I was sent some new hair care products that I’ve been LOVING and wanted to give a thorough test before including in the post. The hair care routine will be up soon, but with more time, it will be longer and jam-packed with even more info and recommendations. Going forward, anticipate blog posts every Thursday as per usual!

As for today, I’m bringing you my January edit with all my current favourite fashion, lifestyle and beauty picks. I’ve included everything from my new fave winter coat trend to my everyday lipstick and my go-to jewellery. Enjoy!

1. Pink Outerwear

I’ve officially jumped 0n the millennial pink bandwagon and I have absolutely no regrets! I was initially somewhat turned off by this trend because it just seemed overly girly and juvenile, but I’ve slowly come to realize that a sophisticated pink piece is timeless. I got mine from Zara but I’ve also seen similar ones at H&M & Topshop. Shop some of my favourite pink pieces below:

2. Tarte Salt Lyfe Lipstick

My all-time favourite shade of lipstick is one that is pinky/nudey/mauvey… and Tarte Salt Lyfe just joined the collection! I love pinks that have more of a cooler/grey undertone because it brings out the white in your teeth instead of the yellow and Salt Lyfe does exactly that. Not only is the colour absolute perfection, but the formulation is rich, hydrating and super moisturizing, which is a nice change of pace from the matte lipsticks I previously was gravitating towards. Be sure to check out this colour next time you stop by Sephora and if the colour itself isn’t enough to convince you, then the adorable turquoise marble packaging most definitely will 😉

3. Small Gold Hoops

Hoops made a huge comeback in 2017, but for work and everyday wear I find massive hoops a little too in-your-face. Instead of this look I’ve found myself reaching for smaller, thicker hoops on a regular basis and love the chic, sophisticated vibe this gives! Hoops like this are absolutely classic and definitely a piece you can invest in without feeling guilty and fully knowing you’ll continue to wear them for years.

4. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Bless this sunglasses trend! Don’t get me wrong, I still love my round sunglasses, but they’ve started to feel a little overdone and I was definitely ready for a change. This cat eye look is so diva and reminds me of Gigi Hadid strutting the streets of New York. If you’re looking to upgrade your sunglass collection, definitely check out a good cat eye pair!

5. Olay Hydrating Eye Gel

I’ve always been a little slack when it comes to skincare, but I’m slowly investing in products and getting more into it. Eye cream was definitely a product my skincare routine was lacking so I decided to pick up the Olay hydrating eye gel after hearing rave reviews. This product is AMAZING and it makes my eyes feel hydrated, smooth and instantly depuffed. I use this right before I go to sleep at night and again when I wake up in the morning and it essentially erases any dark circles I have completely, even to the point that sometimes I don’t even need concealer. It’s on the more affordable side when it comes to eye creams and can be purchased at the drugstore so definitely worth a shot!

6. Matrix Biolage RAW Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I had the privilege of being sent this shampoo & conditioner combo for colour treated hair by Matrix Biolage and am absolutely obsessed! I love the positive shift that many beauty brands are making towards more wholesome, natural products. Ever since I began dyeing my hair I’ve noticed a huge change in the texture of my hair and feel that it’s become much more brittle and dry. The colour care line is super nourishing and makes my hair feel silky, soft and hydrated. This line seriously boosts the radiance and colour of my hair and the smell is amazinnnnng.

7. Red Quilted Purse

I’ve never been overly interested in designer pieces but recently I’ve found myself hardcore lusting for a Chanel bag. I definitely don’t see myself making this investment anytime soon so for the meantime, my quilted handbag will have to do! 😉 Of course, I got this bag in bright red, like many of my other accessories and shoes as of lately. I just love how red looks with a neutral or all black outfit and how it effortlessly elevates a look and makes it look just a little more chic and trendy.

8. Becca x Chrissy Teigen Eye Palette

I will never stop raving about the Becca highlighters! These products provide the most beauuuutiful glow to the skin and because the product is so finely milled it never looks like chunky glitter, which is definitely key when it comes to highlighter. My go-to for the past two years has been the Becca pressed powder highlight in “Opal” but recently I’ve been loving the limited edition Becca X Chrissy Teigen highlight palette. The palette consists of a bronzer, blush and two full-sized highlights. All of the products are slightly warm-toned and have a very coral/rose-gold undertone to them. The shades blend together flawlessly and I find myself layering multiple colours together quite often. I can imagine that I’ll love this palette even more when it’s the summer and I have a bit of colour to my skin like Chrissy Teigen. This palette is a must-try!

Enjoy your February, loves! There are exciting things to come in 2018 here at Defining Rose! I can’t wait!

xo Olivia

  • Cute stuff! I really like that lipstick shade.

  • Raising World Children Ezine

    I love all of these. For sure going to check these out! I love love the sun glasses and clutch !

  • I love cat eye sunglasses!!!! I’m so happy they are making a comeback. I also need that shampoo and conditioner. I have color-treated hair, so I’m always looking for something natural that will still make my hair feel good…and smell good!

  • I’ve been loving pink outerwear lately! I’ve also heard great thing about the Olay eye gel!


  • Susannah Fields O’Brien

    Yes! Pink and gold every day!

  • I am like you and hesitated regarding He pink Trend but then I tried on a beautiful blush shirt and I had to have it! Hope it is a good February.