the december edit.

Hi loves!

The month of November has flew by for me to say the least. I found myself with some extra vacation at the end of the year and planned two quite spontaneous (yet seriously amazing) trips which meant I was extra occupied this month whether it was planning, travelling or preparing. As hectic as this month has been, I am SO happy I went on these getaways. There is no better feeling in the world than marvelling at something beautiful or seeing something you’ve only ever seen in photos close up. California and New York lived up to all my dreams and more…

Nevertheless… on to the important stuff… my December edit! Today I’ve brought you two of my fave Glossier products, my new fave brow product and a few fashion and workout picks. Check them out below:

1. Topshop Jamie Jeans

For years I’ve heard raving reviews about the jeans at Topshop! Being a petite girl, I’ve always struggled to find jeans that fit both my waist and legs without having gaps or bumps, so on Black Friday I decided to trust the reviews and take the plunge with the Topshop Jamie Jeans. LET ME TELL YOU….. worth every penny!!! If only I’d made this investment earlier in my life instead of wasting money on pair after pair of jeans that would last a few months then stretch out or completely fade. I got the Topshop Jamie Moto Jeans in black and got the ankle grazers which fit my petite leg length perfect. I am so impressed! Shop the jeans here.

2. Nyx Micro Brow Pencil

I’ve been an avid fan of the Anastasia dip brow pomade for years, but after dyeing my hair a little lighter over the summer I began to question whether the shade I was using was a little too dark. For a quick fix I purchased the Nyx Micro Brow pencil on a whim but ended up being so so impressed with this product! I’ve heard it being compared to the Anastasia brow wiz and definitely see the similarities. This product is a great way to make “light, wispy brow hairs” rather than the dense, heavy look that the pomade can give sometimes. I definitely like this product much better with my lighter hair! I use the shade “Ash brown.” Shop the product here.

3. Glossier Moon Mask

Last month I jumped on the Glossier bandwagon and have been testing out a few of their products recently. Of all the products I’ve tried so far the Moisturizing Moon Mask is most definitely my favourite!! I use this product multiple times a week and find the lightweight, cooling sensation super relaxing. I tend to use this product longer than the recommended 15-20 minutes and the result is a bouncy, hydrated and luminous complexion every time! Shop the product here and use the link posted here for 10% off your first purchase with Glossier.

4. Glossier Priming Moisturizer

As for Glossier makeup, I’ve been loving their priming moisturizer! This product is rich, hydrating and creates the perfect smooth base for makeup. I love applying this directly after my everyday face moisturizer for an added layer of hydration and find that this product smooths out any of my trouble areas and dry patches flawlessly. Shop the product here and use my link posted here for 10% off your first purchase with Glossier.

5. Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy Bear coats are back again this winter and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Last season I bought a cream-colored teddy bear coat with camel detailing and definitely got a lot of wear out of it, but this year I thought I’d change it up and try out a black version. I’ve already got tons of wear out of this coat and love that the black pairs well with literally anything. A coat like this is a great way to add an extra bit of glamour for a holiday party (I just wore this coat to my work Christmas party!) but is also totally wearabale for an everyday look. Shop the coat here.

5. Fabletics Leggings

I’m constantly on the lookout for great workout wear and have been loving the Fabletics leggings recently! My first order I placed completely blind but the 2 for $24 legging deal was seriously too good to pass up. I was sooo pleasantly surprised with the quality and fit when my first two leggings arrived in the mail! As someone very petite, finding leggings that fit my legs is super difficult. Luckily, Fabletics offers a huge range of sizes (even xxs!) and offers a “short” leg length which fit me perfectly. I’ve placed multiple orders since and couldn’t recommend this brand more for colourful and quality workout wear. Check them out here. 

.. and that’s all for this month loves! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for my Los Angeles travel diary will be coming to you next week! Happy December!

xo Olivia