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  • the november edit.

    Happy November everyone! I’m super excited for November- its always been that transitional month where the weather starts to cool down and the brink of Winter is as clear as the azure lit skies. With Halloween officially behind us, I’ve been embracing all things Winter recently. I mean, it’s never too early to throw on […]

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  • diy denim.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it nearly impossible to find a decent pair of denim shorts from a retailer that FIT? Purchasing shorts has always been my greatest shopping dilemma, but especially since the colossal takeover of high-waisted shorts. My waist and hips have never seemed to perfectly align to any […]

  • Fashion
  • leopard print somethings.

    When I was 14 years old leopard print made a powerful domination of my wardrobe. As a newly established high school student, I specifically recall scavenging the clothing racks for all things animal print. I opted for the highest heels, the shortest skirts and the most alluring leopard dresses in an attempt to create an individualized identity […]

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  • the bell jar.

    Typically in the summer I gravitate towards lighthearted reads to diagnose the inevitable literary exhaustion from the conclusion of a semester, but The Bell Jar has always been on my radar and I finally decided it was the time. Naturally, I had my hesitations in picking up this novel considering it’s semi-autobiographic and dark reputation, but I am so grateful I […]

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  • summer sixteen.

    The summer of ’16 has had my head absolutely reeling. It’s the first summer before a long list of lasts, and the reality of that notion has officially knocked me off my feet. This is the summer in which soon-to-be graduates slowly begin to map out a life plan. I’ve contemplated day after day exactly what that plan entails […]