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  • spring showers.

    I can smell Spring in the air. Here in Waterloo we have finally been blessed with a few days where bombers and cardigans have been enough to keep warm. I can feel a transition coming sooner than I had thought. I’ve been a little scatter brained recently, like the random assortment of fashion photos this […]

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  • the january edit.

    Happy new year lovelies! I hope your 2017 is filled with much adventure, love and inspiration! With Christmas and Boxing Day behind us now, I’ve definitely found quite a few new products that I’m super excited to share in my January edit. They range from fashion to beauty and lifestyle and are all products I’ve […]

  • Fashion
  • buckled down.

    ( Photos by: Chromatic Creations ) Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up with my Sunday posting schedule. School has absolutely consumed me the last few weeks. Its unfortunately that time of the semester where all the final assignments and papers are piling up at the same time. Late night library sessions and early […]

  • Fashion
  • boyfriend jeans.

    ( Photos by: Chromatic Creations ) For a long time I was hesitant about boyfriend jeans. Well in all honesty, I was hesitant about any trend that was slightly out of my comfort zone. My head would reel as I crafted amazing outfits in my mind with the beautiful pieces I’d see hanging on the […]

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  • the october edit.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! The simplistic notion behind this holiday to be thankful never fails to ground me and remind me of how truly blessed we are. There’s something so significant about being given a weekend to take a step back and look in panoramic vision at all aspects of our lives. Holidays like this […]

  • Fashion
  • september firsts.

    The month of September has always held a captivating significance for me. It marks a time where we are granted the ability to completely reinvent ourselves. Year after year, the sight of shopping depots spilling with school supplies and obnoxious back to school banners has always beckoned an inevitable inspiration within me for a new […]

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  • diy denim.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it nearly impossible to find a decent pair of denim shorts from a retailer that FIT? Purchasing shorts has always been my greatest shopping dilemma, but especially since the colossal takeover of high-waisted shorts. My waist and hips have never seemed to perfectly align to any […]

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  • self tanning essentials.

    As summer ’16 comes to an unavoidable close, I can’t help but feel a persistent need to soak up the remaining freedom of these last few weeks. The seasonal jobs are wrapping up, the necessities for the school year are being collected in boxes and the liberating days to spend basking in the sunshine are […]