• Lifestyle
  • the march edit.

    How is it already March?! I knew fourth year would fly by but now that there is less than 2 months left I realize that’s true on a whole other level. It’s a strange time of year because simultaneously as university is winding down, my life after graduation is starting to fall into place. I’m […]

  • Reads
  • the bell jar.

    Typically in the summer I gravitate towards lighthearted reads to diagnose the inevitable literary exhaustion from the conclusion of a semester, but The Bell Jar has always been on my radar and I finally decided it was the time. Naturally, I had my hesitations in picking up this novel considering it’s semi-autobiographic and dark reputation, but I am so grateful I […]

  • Fashion
  • defining rose.

    I’m at this place in my life where I have a radiant vision of what I want my blog to portray yet I can’t directly define it. I have inspiration pulling at me from every direction that it has clouded my ability to make a concrete reality of my own personal flare. For weeks now I’ve fumbled around with phrases and words that […]

  • Beauty
  • diy balyage.

    Over the last few summer months I formed an unhealthy obsession with The Bachelorette. As foolish as I feel to admit, this ridiculously framed show has become my guilty pleasure. Along with following the journey of Jojo this season, I couldn’t help but admire her perfectly curled and coloured hair. So naturally, I decided to try […]