summer sixteen.

The summer of ’16 has had my head absolutely reeling. It’s the first summer before a long list of lasts, and the reality of that notion has officially knocked me off my feet. This is the summer in which soon-to-be graduates slowly begin to map out a life plan. I’ve contemplated day after day exactly what that plan entails for me, and I finally feel safe in stating a vaguely definite route has been set. That is not to say there won’t be forks in the road or bumps along the way, but most often the hardest part is getting started. *Cue blog post numero uno.*

With this in mind, summer ’16 has been especially crucial for my journey. I’ve learned more than ever how much has changed since I was a naive high school grad. Friends begin to become scattered among cities and a hometown that once felt so full tends to feel more like an empty shell of the past. I’ve learned to embrace it. I’ve learned that moving home doesn’t necessarily have to mean moving backwards. It’s completely possible to rediscover a place you used to love using all the knowledge and growth learned through the years away. Returning to a hometown doesn’t have to confine you.. if anything, it can help you feel rooted.

In a way, I almost think moving home helps you grow in a completely different way. You see yourself through the eyes of your past and how that aligns with the versions of yourself you created while you were away. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worst. You see how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. You see where you went wrong and the opportunities for growth that you had no idea even existed.

I’m grateful for the clarity this summer has given me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive web of friends and family. I feel refreshed and renewed now that I’ve had the time so desperately needed to figure out a plan. I mean, this is the last summer before we’re involuntarily launched away from the once safe shelter we call university.  The cushion around our perception of “real life” is being ripped from our bottoms before we even have time to scream HELP. As terrifying as it seems to slowly watch our university years melt away, the prospects of the future can’t help but excite me to the very core. This is the absolute starting point of our life’s work. This summer I’ve created plans to make the clichéd “best years of our lives” extend far past the last four spent in university. My dreams are no longer dissipated in a place high above the clouds completely out of my reach. I can see the way I want my story to unfold and I am so ready to mold my future into anything and everything.

And I guess that starts with this space. I’ve finally taken the leap and crafted a creative outlet that’s all my own. A space to combine all my passions into one narrative, documented through my eyes and words. Writing has, and always will be, my ultimate saving grace. After careful deliberation over what I want my blog to focus on, I’ve determined that it is nearly impossible to pick just one stream. People are layers of interests and ideas, people are not clean-cut caricatures that fit into one, perfect box. So, I’ve decided to jump onto a multi-routed street and share many aspects of my story … from the outfits I wear, the adventures I embark on, the books I rave about and the random ideas floating in my head. Every person has a narrative; welcome to the string of words that have created mine.

XO, Olivia

  • Olivia Tennant

    Leaving my hometown was difficult for me, but during my senior year of college both of my parent’s homes in Louisville were sold, so it was especially daunting because I was being sent out into the world without that comforting safety net! Great post!


    • oliviadipede

      I’m so glad you could relate! Thanks for reading xo