september firsts.

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The month of September has always held a captivating significance for me. It marks a time where we are granted the ability to completely reinvent ourselves.

Year after year, the sight of shopping depots spilling with school supplies and obnoxious back to school banners has always beckoned an inevitable inspiration within me for a new beginning. I’d fill up my cart with trendy clothing items, endless amounts of straightly lined paper and brightly coloured pens; each item promising the brink of a fresh start that will be different and even more amazing than the last. September marked the beginning of a year that was blank and clean and yet to be tainted by anything at all.

This September I pulled up to the familiar, calming sanctuary I have called my home for the past 3 years with a bittersweet pang in my chest. This time around, a new beginning wasn’t as uncomplicated and transparent as the previous years. I pulled up to my promised pristine September with an ending looming all too soon over my head. Call me overly sentimental but I felt some serious premature nostalgia for all things fourth year. The place that was once so unfamiliar to me was now splattered with memories on every corner and taunted a goodbye buried within a fresh start.

As fourth year came knocking faster than expected, I realized that my new beginning marked the painfully true fact that my days of University are numbered. As much as I try to brush it off, I can’t help but give merit to the lingering voice in the back of my mind whispering to appreciate every moment of this ever-ticking final year.

Above is my final first-day-of-school outfit to encapsulate my last new beginning. It’s reassuring to take a step back and appreciate the simplicity and excitement of a first day of school ensemble.

Although this may be the final year, I’ve realized I can’t allow the imminent passing of time to overlook my September. We still have time to be whoever we want to be and take full advantage of one last opportunity to leave a mark. To take every moment as they come and say yes to every opportunity that could change our lives.

If you ask me, the magic of September feels especially strong this year.

xo Olivia

  • Thank you Joanna!

  • Abby Castro

    That suede button front skirt is a fall staple, for sure! Love how you incorporated a summer-y piece like this floral off-shoulder top to the look.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    • Thanks for reading Abby! Totally agree, it’s such a versatile piece that is so simple to transition into Fall with the right top! xo

  • This is such a fab outfit! I have a similar skirt and wear it with everything!

    • Thanks Lyndsay! Totally agree, it’s such a versatile piece! xo

  • snappedbygracie

    Love this outfit ! Well done, great colors for a fall transitional day !

    • Thank you for reading! So glad you enjoyed xo

  • This outfit is EVERYTHING! I so agree with you, I always transition my vibe post summer it makes things more exciting and I just love the fall color scheme! xo C

    Courtney Bentley |

    • Aw so glad you enjoyed it Courtney! Totally agree, I am way too excited for Fall! xo

  • Kirsty McManus

    Lovely shoes – this whole look is just so fitting for autumn! Looks perfect for uni!
    Kirsty x

    • Thanks so much Kirsty! Long sleeves with a skirt are perfect transition outfits for Fall, totally agree! xo

  • Michelle Mullins

    SUPER cute outfit. Love how you’re transitioning the off the shoulder look into fall. And I get nostalgic with the changes of the seasons too. Hope you enjoy your last year!

    Michelle |

    • Thanks so much for reading Michelle! I def couldn’t put the off the shoulder trend to rest just yet, it was my classic look for summer. Wishing you the absolute best September! xo

  • Great Fall look! Love your skirt and slide loafers!

    xx, Elise

  • Love your outfit! Great colors and those mules are beautiful!

    • Thank you! The mules are such a great transition shoe into Fall and so so comfortable! xo

  • Marissa Pedersen

    That outfit is so put together! I absolutely love the top.

  • Ruthie Ridley

    LOVE this look!! I could use a skirt like that!!

    • Thanks so much Ruthie! It’s a great buy, def recommend! xo

  • Mary Welby

    Loving this! Perfect fall look but still with a summer appeal since September can be both hot and cool.

    • Exactly! Long sleeves with a skirt is such a great option for Fall to stay comfortable with the changing weather. Thanks for reading! xo

  • I have the exact same skirt except for in maroon. You look ravishing!

    • It’s such a great buy! Great transition piece for Fall. Thanks for reading Chelsea! xo

  • September always has a new beginning feel to me too! Enjoy your last year of school, it goes by way too fast!

    • Thanks so much Kelsey! I definitely will try my best, time is flying!

  • Super cute outfit and congrats on reaching your senior year, my daughter just started her 2nd year of univ…

  • Amanda Nicole

    What a cute outfit! Hope you had a great first day!

    xo, Amanda |