salted caramel bites.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season as much as I am. I’m officially home for the holidays and FINALLY have time to indulge in all things Christmas: I’ve painted my holiday nails, went for a sleigh ride, watched Christmas movies, and of course, baked tons of holiday treats!

The salted caramel recipe I’m sharing today is such a simple Christmas treat for all those struggling to come up with last minute baking ideas. I stumbled across this recipe recently and was so impressed with how DELICIOUS this recipe is yet requires little to no prep/baking time. There are only 3 ingredients needed and no mixing or measuring, making them foolproof for even the most inexperienced baker. It literally tastes like a Starbucks Salted Caramel Latte in treat form aka every basic girl will be thrilled when these show up at your holiday dinners! Follow the recipe below:

– Pretzels
– Rolo Chocolates
– Pecans
– OPTIONAL: Sea Salt (depending on whether the pretzels purchased are already salted or not)

– 2 minute prep
– 4-5 minute baking

1. OPTIONAL: Roast the batch of pecans in the oven for 3-5 minutes until they are slightly toasty- this adds extra flavour and crunch. This step isn’t totally necessary but if you have a few extra minutes I would definitely recommend it!

2. Line up the pretzels on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and space them evenly. I opted for these criss-cross preztels because they created the flatest surface for the chocolate to melt on, but you could totally change this up for a different look with circle or twisty pretzels.

3. Place a single rolo chocolate on top of each pretzel.

4. Place the baking pan into the oven and let the rolo chocolates melt for 4-5 minutes. The key with this step is to ensure the chocolates are melted just enough to be “shiny” rather than completely melted. The chocolates should still hold their form and look like rolos when you take them out!

5. When throrougly baked, take the baking sheet out of the oven and place a pecan on top of each rolo. Tip: Ensure to use a light touch and be gentle with this step so that the chocolate doesn’t seep through the pretzel and melt onto the baking sheet.

6. OPTIONAL: Sprinkle salt on top of each treat if the pretzels are unsalted.

7. Let the treats cool at room temperature or place them in the fridge to quicken this process.

There you have it, you’re done! 3 ingredients, 5 steps- the easiest Christmas recipe you’ll ever make. They’re sure to be a crowd pleaser and are an absolutely delicious bite-sized treat after a big holiday meal!

Enjoy your holidays lovelies! Spend time with your loved ones, give amazing gifts and enjoy every second of this magical time of year.

xo Olivia

  • This looks so easy and yummy! It’s appealing to my sweet tooth for sure. 🙂

    Katie @ Domesticate Kate

  • Lauren Norton

    YUM! These look delicious and quick to make! Rollos are the best. Sometimes I will put a red M&M in the center instead of nuts and call them Rudolph noses. 😛 Happy Holidays!
    xoxo Lauren I Glitter & Grandeur

    • Thank you Lauren! They’re definitely a super quick & simple recipe. I love the idea of the red M&M’s! I’ll have to try that next year. Hope you had a great holiday! xo

  • Holly

    My goodness these look delicious! Anything with Rolos and I’m totally down, haha! Happy holidays 🙂 xx

    • Thanks so much for reading & glad you enjoyed! Hope you had a great holiday xo