european discovery.

When I first decided to go away for university, the thought of having my “own place” to decorate and make my own was inspiring. I remember printing millions of pictures of my high school friends and pinterest-ing tons of ideas of how I was going to make my new space a home. I printed quotes and stock photos and adorned every square inch of my room (no exaggeration) in some sort of memento that I thought represented me and my life. Over the years and after moving from res into a student house, many of the decorations got lost, lessened in importance or began to tatter. The one photo that remained (despite the torn edges) was a stock photo of the Eiffel Tower that I hung above my bed in res in first year and recently took down as I moved back home four years later.

I always felt some sort of connection to the Eiffel Tower and a persistent pull towards Europe in general. Partly because my roots are Italian, but also partly because of the mystique and appeal of being in a place with so much culture and history. After 4 years of starring at the same photo and dreaming of lamp lit streets in Paris, gondola rides in Venice and castles in Germany, I decided to book a plane ticket as a gift to myself for graduating and just GO. Honestly, there’s nothing more eye-opening than flying miles away and realizing how tiny we are in the grand scheme of the world. So, the next few weeks I will be travelling Europe with my best friend. I have absolutely no idea what to expect but I can’t wait for the adventure, delicious food, culture and stories that this journey will bring me. I hope to document as much of it as I can on here. Au Revoir loves! 😉

xo Olivia

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  • I love your imagery, looking good! You have a great smile 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your adventures through Europe!

  • Have an amazing time! Europe is the most magical place, you’re going to fall in love with everything you see 🙂

  • Elena Zahir

    You are gorgeous girl, I really enjoyed this blog post! Your outfit is lovely. I’m sure you will have so much fun traveling through Europe. If you go to Paris and want some restaurant tips – I shared some on my blog 🙂 I wish you a wonderful time!
    xx Elena

  • Jennifer Sharma

    I’m obsessed with this look

  • Joanne Fung

    Best of luck on your trip to Europe! I’m sure it’ll be so much fun, and you and your friend will have the time of your lives. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

    Also – I love your outfit! So gorgeous!

    Joanne |

  • These are beautiful photos of you and I love that top! Great spring look!

  • Such a cute outfit! Hope you have fun in Europe!

    Jenn │ Beauty by Jellybean

  • Kayla Writes

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit! Your pictures are so nice as well! Great post!