diy balyage.

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Over the last few summer months I formed an unhealthy obsession with The Bachelorette. As foolish as I feel to admit, this ridiculously framed show has become my guilty pleasure. Along with following the journey of Jojo this season, I couldn’t help but admire her perfectly curled and coloured hair. So naturally, I decided to try to cultivate this look on my own. I’ve dyed my hair on my own previously with box dye and used products similar to sun-in, but this time around I made the leap and went significantly lighter. At first I was slightly shocked with the results due to my dark features being contrasted against light hair, but after the initial surprise this look has grown into something I actually really love. To achieve a similar balyage effect and for the tips and tricks I learned along the way, follow along below.


A product I’ve read countless positive reviews for is the Revlon Frost and Glow Highlighting Kit. It’s a one stop shop for all things highlights and is complete with frosting powder, cream developer, after highlighting shampoo and conditioner, a mixing bowl and protective gloves. (Tip: the gloves are actually attached onto the instruction sheet). I chose the shade honey which is ideal for chocolate and chestnut brown hair but for lighter shades, there is another option called Platinum.

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To begin, I sectioned off my hair starting with the bottom layer. When thinking in terms of timeline, these bottom layers will have the dye on for the longest which helps create the ombre effect. I coated tiny strands of hair starting at the tips and making my way up towards the scalp. To achieve the “faded” look of ombre, I ensured to disperse the dye in a vertical zig zag motion to avoid harsh lines between my natural colour and the lightened colour.

I proceeded with this process by layering off the rest of my hair and typically coating every other strand to create a natural sun kissed, balyage effect. Once I got to the top layer, I ensured to make the pieces that I was coating especially small to avoid any obvious highlighting. Following Jojo’s look, I brought the colour up higher around the pieces framing my face. I let the colour sit for about 40 minutes and rinsed with the shampoo and conditioner included.

Viola!! Here are the results. I am actually extremely impressed. The colour is the perfect shade of honey blonde without being overly bronze or ashy. It’s lighter than I expected but as I said before, I’m getting used to it. I’d highly recommend this kit, especially for those dying their hair from a box for the first time.

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–  Do the “strand test” as outlined in the instructions before dying your whole head. This will give you a feel of how quickly your hair lightens and will help gauge how long you should leave the colour in to achieve the lightness you desire.

– Use a deep conditioner or coconut oil hair mask after this process for the following weeks. I definitely noticed a significant change in the moisture and health of my hair after this process, however it’s been about 2 weeks since and my hair is almost back to it’s original texture. (God bless coconut oil)

-To avoid as much damage as possible, I decided to break up this process into two steps meaning the first time around I only used half the product and saved the rest. Two weeks later, I repeated the process over again. Not only does this help protect your hair from damage, but it also helped me decide if I was satisfied with the colour or wanted to go lighter.

-If you feel the colour develops too orange or brassy for your liking, purchase a purple shampoo to cancel these tones! I’ve been using with the John Frieda tone corrector on a regular basis as my conditioner and Lush Daddy-O shampoo every few washes.

Hopefully this outlined the basics! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or have tried this kit as well.

xo Olivia

  • It turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing how to achieve the look. I’ve always had my friend add in the blond on my hair, but I think I might try it myself!


    • You totally should, it’s not as hard as you would think! Good luck girl and thanks for reading xo

  • Natasha Smith

    Beautiful hair! Turned out perfect!

  • Wow, the curls looks so soft and sexy, these are the curls I’ve been trying to perfect for months now… Your hair is gorgeous 😉

    The Flower Duet

    • I appreciate that so much! I’m thinking of doing a hair tutorial soon for these curls so stay tuned! Thanks for reading xo

  • Lesley Sullivan

    It turned out great! I wish my hair would achieve that color, but its way too dark!

    • That’s what I originally thought with my hair too, but you’d be surprised how well this works! Thanks for reading xo