defining rose.

I’m at this place in my life where I have a radiant vision of what I want my blog to portray yet I can’t directly define it. I have inspiration pulling at me from every direction that it has clouded my ability to make a concrete reality of my own personal flare. For weeks now I’ve fumbled around with phrases and words that speak true to me and the brand I wish to represent, yet I am still unable to elucidate a title that differentiates me. I feel like at this point I’ve overthought it to the point of impossibility. Anyone in the same boat? I’m honestly just trusting that the right words will fall into my lap and I’ll have that AHA! moment where everything fits together.

Until then, below are some photos sprinkled with roses in my quest for a perfect title. I have been scavenging for an open back maxi dress for quite a while now but always found a flaw or believed there was something better out there. As soon as I dubiously slipped this one on, I knew my search was over. It’s light, romantic and versatile enough to be dressed up or down for any occasion. And of course, it was covered in rose petals taunting me to commit to a blog title in the same way I could for this dress (I’m trying okay!!!).

Here’s to hoping the inspiration I’ve been filled with can be miraculously translated into defining Olivia Rose.

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I would appreciate any advice/feedback on how other bloggers decided on a brand and any tips to crafting and committing to a title!

xo Olivia

Dress: Forever 21

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  • GlambyRiah

    I am seriously in the same struggle. I am a blogger/makeup artist/DIY lover and I just went with Glam by Riah. I think for me I needed to focus on one niche (makeup) until I grow my brand a little more and can make money from it here in Salt Lake City. I love your blog though, and I love ‘Defining Rose’ …as that’s what your trying to do! Define yourself and express that through blogging. I actually really love it as it is! But hey, if you’re a fan of Rosé, no shame in changing it to Defining Rosé to spice things up 😉 hope that helps!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Mariah! It’s definitely really tricky to commit to one specific title and niche, I feel your pain. Defining Rose has seemed suiting so far, I’m glad you like it! Rosé may totally need to be incorporated at some point though…. always a great option haha. Wishing you all the best!

  • Madeline Weinstein

    I honestly have no idea how I came up with my blog’s ( name. I think it was during the phase where every blogger had two words with AND smack dab in the middle of it. I liked sequins, but I’ve outgrown my love for them since and I wish I would’ve picked a more mature name back in 2013 when I started. I guess it’s like a tattoo that you once thought was a great idea but as you get older you realize it wasn’t the best. Hahaha!

    • Yes that’s exactly what my problem was too- I wanted something true to who I am now but also something I would still love a few years down the line. Sequins & chic is adorable though, just try not to second guess yourself! Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

  • Truly beautiful!


  • Right there with you. I’m kind of going through something similar right now, trying to redefine my brand and name, and get all my ideas to form a cohesive whole.

    Emma |

    • It’s tough isn’t it?! I’m glad you could relate and wish you best of luck with your rebranding. Let me know if I can help in any way and thanks so much for reading! xo

  • I actually really related to this post. Standing out from so many bloggers can be crazy. Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure this is my first time seeing your blog and I’m such a fan. I wish I could incorporate my own pictures and thought into my blog. I feel like you’ll def. find your way. I love this dress on you! Just subscribed!!

    Corsica |

    • This is such a sweet comment! I’m so glad you could relate, that’s exactly what I aim for when I write posts. Thank you for reading and your kind words!

      xo Olivia

  • The Modest Fox

    Believe me, I am in the same boat as you. Along the way you will find your inspiration and every piece will fall into place. I never had a clever idea in regards to my design signature, but everything has just fallen into place, week by week. If you burn down your mind trying to force so inspiration, it won’t happen. Just try to relax and find what it is you enjoy the most and the words will come out easily. Good luck, amazing dress and amazing blog!

    • Thanks so much for reading! That’s exactly what I’m hoping for- the perfect title will reveal itself when I stop overthinking it and least expect it. Good luck to you as well and best wishes xo

  • Beautiful dress and photos! As far as the blog title, I was stuck for a while as well. I think it works best if you don’t think hard about it. An actress that started a really nice blog called The Tig, said the name came from a wine she tried! I think it just needs to be short and catchy, something that can stick to people.

    Hope that helped a bit,

    • Thanks so much! That relieves me to hear its not just me struggling with this so much haha. I appreciate the feedback and advice- hopefully the perfect name comes to me soon!

      xo Olivia

  • Kabrina Budwell

    First your dress is beautiful! While reading your post I thought the name Sprinkled with Roses would be a beautiful title for your blog! What are you wanting to write about? I decided on Imagination Signing because I teach American Sign Language, but I wanted to convey that you can do whatever you set your mind to, so that is where imagination came from.

    • Thank you for reading! This is such great advice- I love hearing the paths others took to pipointing the perfect title. Also, Sprinkled with Roses is actually adorable and is a high possibility! I appreciate your help.

      xo Olivia

      • Kabrina Budwell

        You are so welcome! Let me know if you have any other questions or anything!

  • This dress is absolutely stunning. I love the entire shoot! <3


    • I appreciate that so much! Thanks for reading xo