classic with a twist.

Happy Sunday, loves! I hope your summer so far is filled with poolside afternoons, sweet glasses of sangria and plenty of sunshine! As for me? I’ve definitely loving being back into the routine of things after the chaos of the last few months has settled down. It’s crazy how a simple change like waking up at the same time every day can change your lifestyle and put your mind into a refreshed state.

The weather here has been surprisingly unpredictable this June. Some days are humid and warm, others are windy and a bit cooler. I’ve found that outfits like this work perfect for days when the weather seems to just not cooperate. The skirt keeps things light and summery, while the long sleeve top keeps you warm in case it gets chilly. The style of this top is super on trend right now and I love how it combines a classic look with a contemporary spin. A simple white button-up top will never go out of style, but combining that look with an off-the shoulder flare is super chic. To keep things even more interesting, I added an embroidered sandal to break up the monochrome colour palette and add a pop of colour. I kept the jewelry simple and topped the look off with a simple, dainty horn necklace.

Voila- a classic with a twist!

xo Olivia