trust your gut.

Hi loves! I hope you’re having an amazing day!

I’ve been working on my blog for just over a year now and if you’ve been following along since the beginning you’ll know I’ve somewhat wavered in trying to find a writing style that suits me. Writing has always been my greatest passion – it was there before I realized how much I love style and beauty, so I wanted to make sure writing played quite a big role in the process of content creation on this platform. I used to write lengthy, sentimental posts about my latest revelation or retell a personal anecdote from my childhood but I quickly learned how exhausting it can be to constantly pump out such intense content on a regular basis.

After an inevitable emotional burnout and serious period of lacklustre inspiration, I started to come to the realization that basic styling advice could be just as valuable to my readers as the personal advice I was writing! I had friends and and family coming to me asking where my clothes were from and for outfit advice so I figured that if those people found my expertise helpful there had to be an online audience that would as well! So I began to drop the “personal” aspect of my posts and shifted gears to writing strictly from a fashion and lifestyle perspective. Although I love how quickly I can get content turned over to you with this new writing style, every once in a while I find myself longing to sit down and write another one of those sentimental posts that inspired me to start this journey to begin with…. so here I am, a whole year later, ready to share!

As some of you may know, during the day I work as a fashion writer for a local media company! AS IF running a fashion and lifestyle blog isn’t enough fuel to my shopping addiction, I also spend my entire day looking at clothes and celebrity fashion online at work. There are few lucky people that have been granted the ability to wake up excited to go to work in the morning and the past six months has definitely made me one of those people.

I had this moment yesterday when I was leaving work after a busy day full of content development meetings. I slung a leather jacket over my shoulders after seeing photos of Kendall Jenner doing it one too many times and scrolled through my emails on my phone waiting on a response from a brand that I’m partnering with for the blog. It was one of those “pinch me” moments where I realized I somehow became the girl I thought I could only dream up in my head and how so many tiny steps aligned just right to land me right there in a career I love and a place of utmost content. Fate? I think so.

When I was in high school I put my full faith in this notion of “fate.” I had no doubt in my mind that there was a plan for me and that every single moment of my life was perfectly timed – whether good or bad – to get me exactly where I was supposed to be. I didn’t worry when things went wrong because I knew that everything was going to work out in the end. Call me a naive 16-year old but there was something so admirable about the full faith I had in my future. As time I went on, I slowly started to lose that complete trust I had in a force greater than myself. I began to think that it was too good to be true that something bigger was pulling the strings, especially when I was pursuing a presumed “useless” English degree with zero idea what I wanted to do with my life. I have to admit that now, at 22, looking back at my life and how confused I was once was to where I am now proves that just maaaaaaaybe that hopeful 16-year old had a point with simply trusting that everything will work out.

For me, I can specifically recall in retrospect a few of the moments where everything fell into place and undoubtedly put me on the path I was intended to be on. My first inkling was when I was in my second year at Laurier and was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook news feed. I came across a “Her Campus” article and had this sudden urge to learn more. I specifically remember bursting into my roommates room full of excitement of the fact that a club like this even existed. I immediately emailed the editor and was advised to apply the following semester. During the last weeks of summer leading into my third year, I crafted an article about styling the “plain white tee.” The application was an apparent success and during the first team meeting during Frosh week of my third year I was granted the title of “style blogger” where I focussed my writing on fashion and beauty.

After a year of writing consistently on a weekly basis, the summer between third and fourth year I found myself missing that creative aspect of my week. I decided to launch a life & style blog after following my favourite bloggers for years on Instagram and knew this was a much needed step to take to fuel both my passions for writing AND style. I sat down on my laptop and drafted a website completely from scratch. I learned coding and photography and Google Analytics and everything blogger-related under the sun to make my launch the most successful it could be.

After two years of working for Her Campus, a year of working on my own blog and eventually graduating with an English degree, I found myself with all these transferable skills yet zero idea of what to do with my life. Looking back, the answers were starring me straight in the face! When the fashion writer position popped up in my hometown, I just knew it was the perfect fit to match with my writing experience, blogging expertise and creative roots. After job interviews, contract agreements and six months working as a fashion writer, here I am today!

I’m not saying my career is set in stone forever (I’m only 22!!) nor am I an expert at this by any means. I definitely have so much more to learn about this industry, but I still can’t believe all the tiny steps that led me to realizing where I belonged career-wise and what I wanted to do with my life. If I hadn’t pitched “styling the plain white tee,” maybe I wouldn’t have ever been the Her Campus style blogger and realized my love for fashion? If I hadn’t even applied for Her Campus to begin with, maybe I wouldn’t have ever launched my own blog? AND if I never launched my blog, would I ever have been given the opportunity to interview for an editorial fashion position? If you ask me, it all played out a LITTLE too perfect to not have had fate step in every once in a while to do it’s part.

So if there’s anything you can learn from this OVERLY lengthy (can you tell I miss writing?) post, it’s to trust that little 16-year old who had full faith in the future and to believe in your passions! Obviously hard work and determination plays a huge part, but I really do believe that there was something bigger leading me exactly where I was supposed to be. If you feel in your gut that you’re meant to do something or if an opportunity presents itself that you know is perfect but are too scared to try, my greatest advice is to just GO FOR IT and don’t ignore fate when it gives you a helping hand! That starry-eyed 16-year old version of myself is saying a serious I TOLD YOU SO right now to the cynical 20-year old who stopped believing that everything would work out exactly how it was supposed to.

xo Olivia

  • Mitchelle

    When everything is so confusing, when the mind couldn’t decipher which or what, the most dependable thing to turn to is our gut. There have been many circumstances in the past where I ignore this inner voice, and it turned out that it was right after all. So whatever it is trust your gut.

  • Yes, I love everything about this post! I’m just learning to trust the younger version of myself that believed I could do anything and am pursuing my childhood dream career! Also, you look stunning!


    LOVE this look and way to go girl!!! Find that passion and chase it!

  • Julie Hoag

    Love this look! You are gorgeous!!

  • That skirt is darling!! Congrats on the job!!

  • Ayanna

    You go girl!! Following your heart and pursuing your dreams is so important. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Paige Boucher

    This is amazing and so inspiring. I’m a college junior right now and I feel like we have so many parallels!! I am so jealous of your job, it sounds amazing and I hope I can find something like it. Congrats on all your successes and your happiness. I love your blog- keep up the great work!!

    xoxo Paige