• Lifestyle
  • diy denim.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it nearly impossible to find a decent pair of denim shorts from a retailer that FIT? Purchasing shorts has always been my greatest shopping dilemma, but especially since the colossal takeover of high-waisted shorts. My waist and hips have never seemed to perfectly align to any […]

  • Beauty
  • self tanning essentials.

    As summer ’16 comes to an unavoidable close, I can’t help but feel a persistent need to soak up the remaining freedom of these last few weeks. The seasonal jobs are wrapping up, the necessities for the school year are being collected in boxes and the liberating days to spend basking in the sunshine are […]

  • Fashion
  • leopard print somethings.

    When I was 14 years old leopard print made a powerful domination of my wardrobe. As a newly established high school student, I specifically recall scavenging the clothing racks for all things animal print. I opted for the highest heels, the shortest skirts and the most alluring leopard dresses in an attempt to create an individualized identity […]

  • Reads
  • the bell jar.

    Typically in the summer I gravitate towards lighthearted reads to diagnose the inevitable literary exhaustion from the conclusion of a semester, but The Bell Jar has always been on my radar and I finally decided it was the time. Naturally, I had my hesitations in picking up this novel considering it’s semi-autobiographic and dark reputation, but I am so grateful I […]

  • Fashion
  • defining rose.

    I’m at this place in my life where I have a radiant vision of what I want my blog to portray yet I can’t directly define it. I have inspiration pulling at me from every direction that it has clouded my ability to make a concrete reality of my own personal flare. For weeks now I’ve fumbled around with phrases and words that […]

  • Beauty
  • diy balyage.

    Over the last few summer months I formed an unhealthy obsession with The Bachelorette. As foolish as I feel to admit, this ridiculously framed show has become my guilty pleasure. Along with following the journey of Jojo this season, I couldn’t help but admire her perfectly curled and coloured hair. So naturally, I decided to try […]